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RE: Safe Auto Commercial

Steven Boozer (

> Just saw a Safe Auto ad where this guy ends up saying something in 
> Klingon.  I didn't hear what he said due to screaming children, 
> but the screen clearly said "Klingon".
> Anybody catch it?

I saw it twice over the weekend.  I couldn't understand what the actor said, but it sounded like only a couple of syllables including one that *may* have been {HoH} (a clipped {yIHoH}?).  The subtitle on the screen read:

  KLINGON: [Eliminate the middleman.]

*If* Okrand had anything to do with this - and he might well have since SafeAuto is a national insurance company - I would expect something like:

  Duy (yI)HoH!
  Kill the agent/emissary! 

  *'oSwI' (yI)HoH!
  Kill the representative!

Hopefully someone can record and listen to this line carefully.  For those watching for it, the commercial begins with the Rocket Scientist Guy signing for a package at his front door.  This is an "Alien Dialect Simulator" which he unwraps and sets up in his lab: it's a helmet plus microphone contraption which he puts on his head.  He says a few phrases in English, repeating each one translated into various "alien dialects" including Klingon (which comes about 2/3 of the way into the commercial).  

FYI: has archived 44 of its commercials at: 
Unfortunately this new one hasn't been uploaded yet.  Stay tuned.

Canon Master of the Klingons

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