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RE: White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars

Steven Boozer (

Fiat Knox (Alex):
>White dwarf stars and neutron stars are, in essence, the remains of dead
>stars which collapsed, degenerating their matter into something akin to a
>big diamond the size of the Earth (white dwarfs) and a block of neutrons
>the size of Milwaukee (neutron stars). 
>So how about [Hov lom] (white dwarf) and [Hov lomHom] (neutron star), or
>some such?

>> This should be *{lom Hov} "corpse star" or even *{lomHov}.  It's
>> a type of star, not a type of corpse.  Compare the various ship
>> types:  HIvDuj, may'Duj, qughDuj, SuyDuj, toDDuj, tongDuj, toQDuj,
>> tlharghDuj, veQDuj, veSDuj, etc.
>> But more importantly, how is this better than {Dejpu'bogh Hov}
>> "collapsed star"?  You could say *{Dejpu'bogh HovHom} for the 
>> smaller variety if you really need to.

Fiat Knox (Alex):
>Dejpu'bogh Hov also works for me, though as with the English "neutron
>star" and "pulsar", or "black hole" and "collapsar," it might be possible
>to consider both options as possibly valid, in the same way as we have
>"not" and "paghlogh" for "never."

Add to these the obvious {HovHom chIS} for white dwarf-star.  Klingon wouldn't recognize it, of course, but English-speaking Klingonists would.

Canon Master of the Klingons

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