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RE: White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars

Fiat Knox (

Dejpu'bogh Hov also works for me, though as with the English "neutron star" and "pulsar", or "black hole" and "collapsar," it might be possible to consider both options as possibly valid, in the same way as we have "not" and "paghlogh" for "never."

Heh. mu'qaD veS as inspiration for astronomy. :)



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--- On Fri, 29/5/09, Steven Boozer <> wrote:

> From: Steven Boozer <>
> Subject: RE: White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars
> To: "''" <>
> Date: Friday, 29 May, 2009, 5:58 PM
> Fiat Knox (Alex):
> >White dwarf stars and neutron stars are, in essence,
> the remains of dead
> >stars which collapsed, degenerating their matter into
> something akin to a
> >big diamond the size of the Earth (white dwarfs) and a
> block of neutrons
> >the size of Milwaukee (neutron stars).
> >
> >So how about [Hov lom] (white dwarf) and [Hov lomHom]
> (neutron star), or
> >some such?
> This should be *{lom Hov} "corpse star" or even
> *{lomHov}.  It's a type of star, not a type of
> corpse.  Compare the various ship types:  HIvDuj,
> may'Duj, qughDuj, SuyDuj, toDDuj, tongDuj, toQDuj,
> tlharghDuj, veQDuj, veSDuj, etc.  
> But more importantly, how is this better than {Dejpu'bogh
> Hov} "collapsed star"?
>   Dejpu'bogh Hov rur qablIj 
>   Your face looks like a collapsed star! (PK)
> You could say *{Dejpu'bogh HovHom} for the smaller variety
> if you really need to.
> --
> Voragh             
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