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RE: Okrand's autographs, inscriptions & dedications

Steven Boozer (

>This is a good opportunity to collect the texts of the various
>autographs, inscriptions and book dedications Okrand has written over
>the years.  I've already collected a few over the years.
>Phrases used on various books and photos:
>   not yIjegh!
>   tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI' po'
>   tlhIngan SuvwI'na' - Qapla'!
>   tlhIngan tIgh DaHaDrup'a'?
>   tlhIngan wo' jupna'!
>In addition to ghunchu'wI's, here are the specific examples I have in
>my notes:
>   tlhIngan Hol po'
>    [Mark Reed's TKD]
>   tlhIngan Hol DaHaD - vaj choquvmoH. Qapla'!
>    [DloraH's TKD]
>   tlhIngan yIn DayIn.
>    [DloraH's KGT (commented on in HQ 7.4)]
>   To André - tlhIngan wo' jupna'. not yIjegh. Qapla'!
>    [André's TKD after a talk Okrand gave in Leipzig, June 2008]
>Can anyone add any to this list?

>>> The full inscription is:
>>>   tlhIngan Hol HaDwI'. not yIjegh. Qapla'!

David Trimboli (SuStel):
>My first TKD, signed at qep'a' wejDIch, has:
>   To David-tlhIngan Hol yIHaD! not yIjegh! Qapla'!

Raik Lorenz:
>>I can add mine:
>>  To Raik--tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'--Qapla'!
>>   [Raik' TKD after a talk Okrand gave in Leipzig, June 2008]

Thank for these.  No surprises so far... but you never know!  

Anyone else have an inscribed TKD, TKW or KGT to add to the list?

Canon Master of the Klingons

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