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Okrand's autographs, inscriptions & dedications

Steven Boozer (

>>   tlhIngan Hol HaDwI'
>>   [Okrand's inscription in ghunchu'wI's TKD]

>The full inscription is:
>   tlhIngan Hol HaDwI'.
>         not yIjegh.
>           Qapla'!

This is a good opportunity to collect the texts of the various autographs, inscriptions and book dedications Okrand has written over the years.  I've already collected a few over the years.

Phrases used on various books and photos:

  not yIjegh!

  tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI' po' 

  tlhIngan SuvwI'na' - Qapla'!

  tlhIngan tIgh DaHaDrup'a'? 

  tlhIngan wo' jupna'!

In addition to ghunchu'wI's, here are the specific examples I have in my notes:

  tlhIngan Hol po' 
   [Mark Reed's TKD]

  tlhIngan Hol DaHaD - vaj choquvmoH. Qapla'! 
   [DloraH's TKD]

  tlhIngan yIn DayIn. 
   [DloraH's KGT (commented on in HQ 7.4)]

  To André - tlhIngan wo' jupna'. not yIjegh. Qapla'!
   [André's TKD after a talk Okrand gave in Leipzig, June 2008]

And there is the untranslated dedication to KGT (p. v):

  SoSwI' vavwI' je quvmoHjaj paqvam

Can anyone add any to this list?

Canon Master of the Klingons

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