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Re: Klingon orthography (was: Okrand at qep'a')

Michael Everson (

On 28 Jun 2009, at 15:09, ghunchu'wI' wrote:

> I think the idea is that you'd have to use a special keyboard driver  
> if you wanted to type without needing to do workarounds like the  
> four-keypress dance he said he uses for the glottal stop character.

I do that dance on my standard day-to-day keyboard which allows me to  
type a great many characters. If I were using that as a high-frequencu

> At least one of his proposals seems to contain a character which  
> isn't yet supported on many platforms using *any* keystrokes.

Technically none of them are proposals; I didn't advocate one over any  
of the others -- I was looking for initial feedback about what sorts  
of things were more successful, what sorts of things were less  
successful, etc.

> Given that special effort would be required in any event, I have no  
> idea why he is so dismissive of the existing PUA mapping for Klingon
> text.

Because PUA mapping isn't easily portable. Even though not yet widely  
genuine encoded character and if you use its code point in a text you  
will be able to transmit that entity safely and there is only one  
interpretation as to what it is. A PUA character can be anything; you  
can't know what it is absent a specific agreement between sender and  
receiver, and in many applications sometimes PUA characters can't be  
searched for or have other limitations.

Michael Everson *

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