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Re: KLBC: The North Wind and the Sun

Mark J. Reed ( [KLI Member]

On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 5:50 PM, David Trimboli<> wrote:
> We generally accept that Okrand's use of aspect suffixes in TKD is
> suspect, and we even know the reason: {-pu'} started out as a tense
> suffix, but script rewrites forced him to change its meaning.

Hm.  I know about other changes, such as the infamous resubtitling of
{qamapu' jonta' neH} "I told you engine only!" as "I wanted
prisoners!", which gave us the noun {qama}, the use of {-pu'} as a
plural suffix, the {-ta'} suffix for goal achievement, and the verb
{neH}.  (And took away the verb {ma} "tell", which became {ra}, to
make the substitution less apparent.)  But I'm not familiar with a
script-triggered recasting of tense as aspect, and  I can't think of
any instances of {-pu'} in ST3 that weren't in the past tense as well
as in the perfective aspect.  Are the details available somewhere?
HolQeD, perhaps?

Mark J. Reed <>

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