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Re: chay' "Get out of the way!" ra'lu'?

Fiat Knox (

--- On Wed, 3/6/09, Doq <> wrote:

> It's clear I'm a minority of one
> here, and I generally don't encourage 
> people to be minorities of one.

> I will now consider myself to have fought the good fight
> and explained  
> my gut-level idea as far as it can be explained. If the
> spark catches  
> no kindling, so be it. I tried. I'm okay failing now and
> then. My  
> holistic sense of being does not hinge on acquiring
> acceptance of this  
> idea.

> I had hoped it would spark interesting ideas rather than
> simply bother  
> people, which seems to have been its only effect.

Not quite.

I asked the original question, and you thought about it. qatlho'.

The queston arose from my need at the time to translate the demand "Lead, follow or get out of my way!"

I went for "yIDev pagh yItlha' pagh HIwaQ 'e' yImev!" (Lead, follow or stop obstructing me!") because that, for me, was more in line with what the sentence was trying to convey.

But thank you for your efforts. Much appreciated.


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