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RE: chay' "Get out of the way!" ra'lu'?

Steven Boozer (

Fiat Knox:
>The question arose from my need at the time to translate the demand "Lead,
>follow or get out of my way!"
>I went for "yIDev pagh yItlha' pagh HIwaQ 'e' yImev!" (Lead, follow or
>stop obstructing me!") because that, for me, was more in line with what
>the sentence was trying to convey.

After the long detour with {ghoS} - which I admit not following that closely - did you consider {DoH} "back away from, back off, get away from" and {HeD} "retreat, withdraw"?

Also, I'm not sure {pagh} "or else, either/or" works with three clauses.  All canon examples have only two clauses, usually opposites (e.g. eat vs. drink, VERB vs. VERB{be'}, VERB vs. VERB{Ha'}).  I would drop the first {pagh}:

  yIDev, yItlha' pagh yIDoH!
  Lead, follow or (else) back off! 

  yIDev, yItlha' pagh yIHeD!
  Lead, follow or (else) withdraw!

You still have three clauses, but it's less obvious now and the conjunction immediately precedes (and thus emphasizes) the final clause.

If you're in a meeting, you can make it personal:

  HIDev, HItlha' pagh HIDoH!
  Lead me, follow me or (else) get away from me!

A Klingon may well make it an invective:

  ghoDev, ghotlha' pagh ghoDoH jay'!
  Lead us, follow us or (else) get the hell away from us!

Canon Master of the Klingons

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