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RE: chay' "Get out of the way!" ra'lu'?

DloraH ( [Hol po'wI']

> I've always thought of {ghoS} to mean to move along a path. It's  
> object (direct or indirect) tends to be a location along the path.
> So {Hevo' ghoS!} strikes me as remarkably odd. I'm sure it's just my  
> odd interpretation of {ghoS}.

I see that SuStel already touched on what I was planning on mentioning as I worked my way through
the thread, but I figured I would still chime in and add another voice to the point...

You can still think of ghoS as associated with a path/course.  The confusion here is that there are
two paths involved.  The {Hevo'} mentioned could be more appropriately put as {HewIjvo'}.  Even in
English sometimes people say "Get out of the way" instead of "Get out of my way".  The other person
still has their own path/course on which they ghoS; you are basically telling them to alter their
course to avoid a collision.  And in canon we see that one can ghoS a new course.


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