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RE: Similies - <sentence expressing quality>; <noun phrase> rur

Steven Boozer (

>That's not right either. If we're to stick strictly to the form Okrand
>uses for similes, it's
>	 <sentence with verb of quality>; <noun phrase> rur
>  	 <any sentence>; <noun phrase> rur
>In other words, the purpose of the simile is to compare the *quality* of
>something with a noun phrase that inherently has that quality.
>    The first [sentence] attributes a quality to someone or something;
>    the second makes use of the verb {rur} ("resemble") to link the
>    quality to something that presumably epitomizes the quality.
>    (KGT, p. 27)
>{pe'} is not a verb that expresses a quality; it expresses an action. So
>unless you want to describe the *quality* of the tubers, a simile is not
>the right tool.

For review, here's a list of known Klingon similes:

ram; ghIlab ghew rur 
trivial as a glob fly

let mInDu'Daj; Separmey rur 
Her eyes are hard; they resemble separ 
[Her eyes are as hard as separ-stones.] 

HoSghaj; mupwI' rur 
powerful as a hammer

bIr; bortaS rur 
cold as revenge. 

puj; bIQ rur 
weak as water. 

HoS; 'Iw rur 
strong as blood. 

'oj; bomwI' rur 
thirsty as a singer. 

ghung; qagh rur 
hungry as gagh. 

jeD; ghevI' rur 
thick as qagh sauce. 

mIgh; molor rur 
evil as Molor. 

ngo'; QI'tu' rur 
old as Qui'Tu. 

qan; QI'tu' rur 
He/she is as old as Qui'Tu. 

qej; veqlargh rur 
mean as Fek'lhr. 

quvHa'; ghe'tor ngan rur 
dishonored as an inhabitant of Gre'thor. 

wov; ghI'boj Sech rur 
bright as the Torch of G'boj. 

jej; Daqtagh rur 
sharp as a d'k tahg. 

jejHa'; naH taj rur 
dull as a vegetable knife. 

lo'laHbe'; chetvI' chIm rur 
worthless as an empty torpedo tube. 

yuD; jey'naS rur 
dishonest as a double-headed ax. 

yuDHa'; ghIt rur 
honest as an ax head (or, honest as an open hand) 

Dogh; tIghla' rur foolish as a t'gla. tlhIb; toppa' rur incompetent as a topah. bIt; tI'qa' vIghro' rur nervous as a tika cat. [corrected] tun; reghuluS 'Iwghargh rur soft as a Regulan bloodworm. naS; norgh rur vicious as a norg. tlhab; ngem Ha'DIbaH rur free (independent) as a forest animal ["though this refers to how or where any animal lives rather than to a specific animal" (KGT 132)]. 'up; yIH rur disgusting as a tribble. matlhHa'; romuluSngan rur disloyal as a Romulan. qur; verengan rur greedy as a Ferengi. wIH; Hur'Iqngan rur ruthless as a Hur'q. Hoj; tera'ngan rur cautious as a Terran. Hem; tlhIngan rur proud as a Klingon. nong; vulqangan rur passionate as a Vulcan (ironic) tam; Hew rur quiet as a statue. val; Huy' rur clever as an eyebrow. lugh; Sor rur correct as a tree. 'IQ; rav rur sad as a floor. Sagh; Ho''oy rur serious as a toothache. boch; ghIch rur shiny as a nose. yeb Darur You resemble a wrist [an insult (KGT 166)]. KGT - Doq 'ej Qaj wuS rur be orange/red and resemble kradge lips. ["The lips of the kradge are presumably a particular shade of brown."] (BBS 2/98) - puj verengan; bIQ rur the Ferengi is as weak as water (HQ 13.1:9)
Canon Master of the Klingons

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