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RE: 'oQqar pe'pu'bogh; naQHommey rur ghIq mIQpu'

Steven Boozer (

>> 'oQqar lupe'lu'pu'bogh 'ej lumIQlu'pu'bogh
>>  root which is cut and which is deep-fried

qe'San (Jon Brown)
>As -bogh is on both verbs making this a noun and noun construction
>wouldn't the "and" be {je} and follow both e.g:
>    'oQqar lupe'lu'pu'bogh lumIQlu'pu'bogh je

No.  The only noun here is {'oQqar}.  {lupe'lu'pu'bogh} and {lumIQlu'pu'bogh} are relative VERB phrases and so you use {'ej}.  Notice the difference between:

  nISwI' HIch motlh HoS Hal qengwI' naQ tIq je lurarlu'bogh 'oH
   tlhIngan nISwI' beH'e' 
  The Klingon disruptor rifle is a standard hand held disruptor,
   attached to an extended power supply stock.  S14


  romuluSngan Sambogh 'ej HoHbogh nejwI' 
  Romulan hunter-killer probe.  KCD

  SuDbogh Dargh 'ej wovbogh 
  The tea that is {SuD} and light.  KGT
  (one way to refer to yellowish or light-green tea)

You could repeat the noun and say:

  'oQqar lupe'lu'bogh 'oQqar lumIQlu'bogh je
  cut tubers and deep-fried tubers

but this would refer to two different types of tubers; e.g. two groups in different stages of preparation on your kitchen counter.
Canon Master of the Klingons

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