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RE: tlhIngan Hol vItIv 'ach bong Qaghmey vIgher

Steven Boozer (

qe'San ((Jon Brown)) wrote:
>> The overall feeling I want to get across is "I enjoy the Klingon
>> language.. and this is despite the fact that I keep making
>> mistakes along the way"
>> Is there a way to express things like "even though", "even when",
>> "despite" in Klingon or even work arounds to get that across?

>How does {'ach} "but" not work for your meaning?

Some examples of {'ach}/{'a} "but, nevertheless, even so, however":

  notlh veS... 'a tugh manotlhchoH je maH 
  War is obsolete... as we are in danger of becoming. ST6 

  quv Hutlh HoHbogh tlhIngan 'ach qabDaj 'angbe'bogh 
  A Klingon who kills without showing his face has no honor. TKW

  nI'be' yInmaj 'ach wovqu' 
  Our lives burn short and bright. (Anthem) 

  nab Hutlh 'ach vang 
  He/she lacks a plan, but he/she takes action. KGT 

  HovpoH Hut vagh cha' wa' vI' jav Dujvam 'aghlu'pu' 'ach
  [This ship was demonstrated on Stardate 9521.6 but it was
   destroyed.]  (SkyBox S33, not translated on card)

  qaSuch vIneH 'ach narghpu' 'eb.  jIpaSqu'. 
  I want to visit you, but the opportunity has escaped. I am
  very late. (i.e. "I was too late to visit you") (st.k 1/98) 

You could replace "but" with "although, even though, even when, despite" in some of these translations with no appreciable change in meaning.  Note too that {'ach} is sometimes not even translated into English.

Canon Master of the Klingons

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