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tlhIngan Hol vItIv 'ach bong Qaghmey vIgher

qe'San \(Jon Brown\) ( [KLI Member]

I wanted to add a line to my facebook meaning, "I enjoy the Klingon language even when I make mistakes." 
However when I tried to translate it I hit a problem so thought about re-phrasing it... 

"I enjoy the Klingon Language, however I accidentally make mistakes".

tlhIngan Hol vItIv  'ach bong Qaghmey vIgher

I could put it the other way round to say "accidentally I compile errors however I continue to enjoy the Klingon Language"

bong Qaghmey vIgher  'ach  tlhIngan Hol vItIvtaH

But this seemed to put the emphasis on the mistakes rather than the the enjoyment so wondered if there was a better way to get closer to my meaning.

The overall feeling I want to get across is "I enjoy the Klingon language.. and tthis is despite the fact that I keep making mistakes along the way"

A change of subject but similar feeling.. "I made it to the cinema on time despite the car breaking down and the traffic being heavy" 

Is there a way to express things like "even though", "even when", "despite" in Klingon or even work arounds to get that across?


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