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Re: vIl - be ridgy in HolQeD 13:1

qe'San \(Jon Brown\) ( [KLI Member]

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> writes:
>> Yes, it would be odd for Humans to talk about smooth foreheads amongst
>> themselves. It's a forehead.
>> Klingons may or may not have spoken about forehead quality back in the
>> time of Kahless, but once they met non-Klingons, and *especially* after a
>> large number of them "lost" their foreheads, the topic most certainly 
>> would
>> have come up.
>> On the other hand, Ferengi talk about lobe size a lot. So maybe Klingons
>> have always talked about their foreheads.
> There is a lot of variation in Klingon forehead ridginess, so it would
> probably be a topic in any case.
> lay'tel SIvten


I also think that it's so right that the word we were given was the verb 
ridgy and not a noun for ridge/s.. Discussing their foreheads they would 
discuss them as a quality in relation to what was normal to them... At the 
time of Kahless that would have been ridged.   So I still personally believe 
that the Klingon word for forehead would to any Klingon imply one with 
ridges even during the period of the augment virus when they had smooth 
ones..  I'm not suggesting I don't believe that Quch doesn't generally mean 
smooth or any other type of forehead just that it's natural implication is a 
ridged one.

The fact that they have a curse for a smooth forehead indicates to me that 
smooth is not the usual quality. I'd like to fantasise that it dates back to 
when either the augment virus started or when it was being cured. If the 
curse was about the mother being non-Klingon then there would be more direct 
curses I could think of and I'm sure they would have also..

But that is just my fantasy


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