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Re: Klingon orthography (was: Okrand at qep'a')

Doq (

The missing pieces of this story are:

1. KLI has special permission from Viacom to do what we do. They  
published our Hamlet. They let us do stuff that other groups have to  
pay many thousands of dollars in licensing fees do, and they give us  
that permission for free.

2. Okrand has explicitly stated that Okuda is the man who "knows"  
pIqaD. Okuda uses the pIqaD characters to "greek" any displays in the  
movies or TV shows. He has no interest in making it ever an actual  
written language. He just designs things, trying to make them look  

3. The Skybox cards were an apparent exception to item 2. The pIqaD  
parts actually do spell what the romanized characters spell for the  
Klingon parts, according to the same character mapping that we use in  
our fan-based alphabet.

4. Okrand says that the romanized font is merely a human  
representation of spoken Klingon. It is not a character mapping for  
pIqaD, which is the Klingon writing form that only Okuda "knows" how  
to use.

5. Okrand doesn't want to mess with Okuda. The KLI doesn't want to  
mess with Okrand.

So, anything that is done with pIqaD to actually represent written  
Klingon stuff is purely fan-based stuff that by necessity can't  
attract Viacom's attention, or we lose #1, and nobody wants that.

It would be nice to develop it farther, but unless the interface for e- 
mail and keyboards makes a dramatic leap to make it easier to type and  
read piqaD, it's highly unlikely to happen.


On Jul 2, 2009, at 11:10 AM, Michael Roney, Jr. wrote:

> toH! I just thought of a reason on why *I* would support a reform!
> Copyright/Trademark.
> We are constantly talking about how Paramount/CBS "owns" the Klingon  
> language, yet shouldn't be able to own the language.
> Yes, they own the word "Klingon". Yes, they're willing to fight for  
> it.
> They /might/ own the word <tlhIngan>. None of us have decided to  
> fight them for it.
> They *do not* own the word "xifan".
> I am unaware of ANY officially liscensed Trek product containing the  
> word "xifan".
> If Okrand, on his own and without any word from CBS, were to approve  
> a reform, we could move away from the copyrighted system and onto a  
> free system. Okrand's approval is necessary to prevent factions.
> As long as "Klingon" is avoided, we're free.
> Just a thought...
> ~naHQun
> -Michael Roney, Jr.
> Professional Klingon translator
> --Sent from my Palm Pre

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