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RE: Klingon keyboard

Steven Boozer (

>>>What I can't tell just by looking at the page is what happens when 
>>>you type on it.  What comes up on the screen?  The corresponding 
>>>Klingon symbol?  Using what font?  What about in a simple ASCII
>>>environment?  As interesting as it looks, it's probably useless.
>>>Not to mention it's a PS/2 connection, which I haven't seen in years.

>> I believe it's just a regular, normal keyboard (except using the
>> oh-so-nice Cherry keyswitches) with pIqaD lettering. So depending on
>> whatever your keyboard setting is, it'll be US layout or whatever other
>> keyboard layout you have set.

>And that's probably the problem. The first row shows the pIqaD letters 
>Q-w-e-r-t. But when you see on the picture the row all down, on the left
>shows the Klingon letter {y} on the spot where US-keyboards have Z (if 
>I remember correctly) - A german keyboard has Y on that key. (perhaps 
>because it's a german company??)
>Next problem are definitely the letters K, Z and F, and others that don't
>exist in Klingon, these are shown with wrong symbols - I see v or gh more
>than once on that board.
>The keyboard is certainly funny, but not really useful. 

Note the last line of the description:

  Please note the keyboard pictured is a mock up, the actual
  keyboard will be based on the G83-6105 model for details
  click HERE

Hmm... a "mock up".  Is this a chance to use {nIyma'}?

  {nIyma'} is the Klingon word for phantom or apparition--something
  that seems to appear, but isn't really there.  
  [Okrand to Quvar, 11/23?/2008]

Canon Master of the Klingons

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