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Re: Klingon keyboard

Lieven Litaer ( [KLI Member] [Hol ghojwI']

ja' James:
> I believe it's just a regular, normal keyboard (except using the 
> oh-so-nice Cherry keyswitches) with pIqaD lettering. So depending on 
> whatever your keyboard setting is, it'll be US layout or whatever other 
> keyboard layout you have set.

And that's probably the problem. The first row shows the pIqaD letters Q-w-e-r-t.
But when you see on the picture the row all down, on the left shows the Klingon letter {y} on the spot where US-keyboards have Z (if I remember correctly) - A german keyboard has Y on that key. (perhaps because it's a german company??)

Next problem are definitely the letters K, Z and F, and others that don't exist in Klingon, these are shown with wrong symbols - I see v or gh more than once on that board.

The keyboard is certainly funny, but not really useful. If you have a different keyboard layout (like azerty instead of qwertz), you might be able to remove the keys and put them on the right spot.

BTW, depending on what ttf-Font ypu use, {ng} is on "F", {q} is on K and {tlh} is on X; but some work differently.

(Long time ago, I printed out the pIqaD letters, and glued them to my keyboard. It also works ;-)


PS: at least they used the right half-official pIqaD, and not just some of the nonsense Paramount-letters!
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