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Re: Klingon keyboard

James (

> And that's probably the problem. The first row shows the pIqaD letters Q-w-e-r-t.
> But when you see on the picture the row all down, on the left shows the Klingon letter {y} on the spot where US-keyboards have Z (if I remember correctly) - A german keyboard has Y on that key. (perhaps because it's a german company??)

Not sure about the layout, but Cherry is an American company (they make 
switches, and builds keyboards from them). This keyboard is from a UK 
reseller, so I'd guess it would have a UK layout (not much difference, 
other than replacing shift-4 with the GBP sign, rather than dollar).

US keyboards are QWERTY, German ones are QWERTZ... on a US layout, the Z 
key on the bottom row beside the left shift.


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