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Re: Klingon keyboard

James (

> What I can't tell just by looking at the page is what happens when you
> type on it. What comes up on the screen? The corresponding Klingon
> symbol? Using what font? What about in a simple ASCII environment?

I believe it's just a regular, normal keyboard (except using the 
oh-so-nice Cherry keyswitches) with pIqaD lettering. So depending on 
whatever your keyboard setting is, it'll be US layout or whatever other 
keyboard layout you have set.

And remember, we tried to get code points for pIqaD inside Unicode, but 
alas, that didn't work.

> As interesting as it looks, it's probably useless. Not to mention
> it's a PS/2 connection, which I haven't seen in years.

Yeah, but you can get USB adapters these days. People are keeping their 
famous IBM model M (circa mid 1980's) keyboards these days on their 
computers. (Personally, I can't stand it - too noisy).

> --Holtej
> On Jan 15, 2009, at 2:57 PM, wrote:
>> jatlh mark:
>> Regardless, they keyboard was released November of 2007, and they
>> aren't planning on making any more (unless there's a BIG demand).
>> Which is sad, since I've been wanting one since 2002 when I started
>> studying pIqaD.

You can buy it off the site for UKP44 plus shipping, and the site says 
it's in stock. Don't see why you can't go and purchase it...

-- James

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