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Re: Request for translation in Klingon

Michael Everson (

I received this today from a young Romanian woman.

Any idea how to express "sympathy" in Klingon?

On 3 Dec 2009, at 17:48, Oana Dumitrescu wrote:

> Hello Mr. Everson,
> My name is Oana and I find your email address to a website about  
> klingon language. I was browsing the internet in order to translate  
> a sentence in Klingon language as for a X-mas gift.
> Could your send me the translation of "with much sympathy" or  
> something similar , please ? Lets say that my mother language is  
> quite different from klingon as Im from a small country from Europe
> Many thanks in advance.
> My best regards, oana

Michael Everson *

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