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Re: "Authentic" Klingon materials

Michael Everson (

On 1 Dec 2009, at 15:41, Mark J. Reed wrote:

> bIlach.   qaStaHvIS vatlh DIS pummeyvam lajtaH qun tejpu'.  qen neH luqaDlu', 'ej wej vIt wuq Hoch.
> 'ach vItvetlh vIqelbe'; DaH ram.  mu'meylIj tIwIvchu'! net vIqeng 'e' vIHechpu' neH.

Please forgive my lack of fluency. I have tried to work this out:


while-it-is-happening 100 cave|confess|year these-accusations accepts history scientists

recently only/merely|want they/it-challenge-one, that 'ej not-yet|three tell-truth decide everyone.

but that-truth I-don't-consider

words-your you!-choose-clearly! that I-carry that I-intended want

You exaggerate. 

Historians accepted these accusations a century ago.

One challenged it only recently, and everyone decided not yet to tell the truth.

But I don't consider that truth; now it is unimportant.

"Choose your words carefully!" is what I intended to convey.

That was fun, for on-the-fly dictionary work. I guess I have the gist.

No credible Carrollian scholar (and there are many) has any time for the paedophilia "accusations", which have no basis in fact, in his diaries, in the writings of any contemporary, or in anything Alice Liddell herself ever said or implied. It's pernicious that people keep bringing it up as though it were sourced.

I'm allowed to say I have a "fetish" for the Wonderland books without it being construed (1) in a sexual fashion at all or (2) that I share a depravity which Carroll himself didn't have anyway. "Choose your words carefully" should apply to what YOU said, Mark. 

Michael Everson *

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