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Re: "Authentic" Klingon materials

Mark J. Reed ( [KLI Member]

On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 10:35 AM, Steven Boozer <> wrote:
> So, Alice is on a trek, as in Star Trek {Hov leng} used several times by Okrand? ÂYou could even call her a {lengwI'} "voyager"! ÂAgain, SkyBox card 01 (S99) is relevant; Okrand uses the verb {leng} "roam, travel, rove" twice,

Indeed!  So we could use {lengtaHghachmey} or something equally ugly,
but I think a Klingon title should reflect the Klingon preference for
verbs.  Does the below, which I would backrender as "Alice Travels in
the Wonderful Land", seem reasonable?

puH DunDaq leng *'alIS*'

Mark J. Reed <>

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