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RE: "Authentic" Klingon materials -- cha'logh vagh

Yens Wahlgren ( [KLI Member]

I remember a "Klingon" meter called: cha'logh vagh


I think it was described in jatmey a long time ago. But I found a web site describing the metrical system:



> I've used a meter that I found in Diane Duane and Peter Morwood's novel
> "The Romulan Way"; it's from verses ostensibly in Vulcan, but I tried a
> few verses using Klingon instead, and it seemed to work reasonably well.


> Well, I've kind of make up a meter.  Since stress in Klingon is
> slippery, and English worries about stress far more than most
> languages, I've just done syllable counts for the meter, ignoring
> stress.  Klingon used to use a trinary counting system, so I've used
> that as an organizing principle. 

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