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RE: Health (Was "The health of the Klingon language vs the health of the KLI")

Ted Williams (


Though new, and admittedly not as active as I should or could be to develop skills as a speaker of thlIngan Hol, I do have an interest and desire to see it flourish as never before.


> 1) qep'a'
> There will indeed be a qep'a'. The dates are from Wednesday evening, 
> July 22nd through Sunday morning,
> July 26th. I expect to have the location and room rates locked in 
> within the next few days (possibly the next
> couple of hours).



Though it may be a bit late for this year, I do work for one of the Hyatt Regency's in Denver. As one of the Front Office Managers, I have been commissioned to strive and expand our business base. Perhaps next year, something might be available that works within the meeting needs and accomodation needs of a qep'a'. Likewise, I have a lot of pull as to what sorts of rates can be offered.  If things aren't finalized as of yet, I could put a feeler out for this year as well.


> 3) The Merchant Page
> Thanks to the efforts of Alan Anderson, a limited form of the 
> Merchant Page has been up for months. It's
> my hope that it will expand to include more of its former glory 
> (especially as I have a basement full of back
> issues of HolQeD), but as with most things at the KLI that remains a 
> function of the time the relevant
> volunteers have to devote to the tasks.



As a newbee, are any of those back issues of HolQeD for sale? If so, at what cost?  I have paid dues to KLI in Nov/Dec '08, and would definitely love to become as active as I am able in advancing the Klingon Language.


Much thanks,


~ teD

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