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RE: Health (Was "The health of the Klingon language vs the health of the KLI")

DOOM_er (

pov qechvetlh!! Qoch latlhpu' 'e' vISovbe', 'a jIHvaD QaHna' bIH 
tlhIngan Hol ghogh tamey'e'. 'op lI'chugh vay' peja'!

Martijn (tlhIngan pong vInejtaH..)

At 17:16 24-4-2009, you wrote:
>There is one thing, however, which is now technologically possible 
>an which I believe would benefit the KLI in general and my own 
>Klingon in particular.  I would like to see YouTube videos in 
>Klingon.  This would allow us to practice our speaking and listening 
>comprehension, and might also draw outsiders into the 
>language.  There is all sorts of content that would benefit from the 
>medium, including songs, dramatic performances, and basic 
>conversation.  The qep'a' cabaret could be filmed and posted, along 
>with other qep'a' activities, and non-attendees could submit 
>long-distance performances to the cabaret.

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