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Re: Health (Was "The health of the Klingon language vs the health of the KLI")

Fiat Knox (

Do you happen to know if there is any truth to the information I had gathered that Simon & Schuster have been working on developing an interactive tlhIngan Hol translation app for the iPhone?



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--- On Fri, 24/4/09, Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen <> wrote:

> From: Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen <>
> Subject: Health (Was "The health of the Klingon language vs the health of the KLI")
> To:
> Date: Friday, 24 April, 2009, 3:48 PM
> SaleghneS.
> naHQun brings up some very valid points, and my personal
> ill health  
> and recent medical emergencies
> have further contributed to the situation (specifics of
> which can be  
> found on my LJ, if you're so inclined).
> That said, let me address a few items:
> 1) qep'a'
> There will indeed be a qep'a'. The dates are from
> Wednesday evening,  
> July 22nd through Sunday morning,
> July 26th. I expect to have the location and room rates
> locked in  
> within the next few days (possibly the next
> couple of hours).
> 2) Worlds of Translation
> This project is near and dear to my heart, and I would very
> much like  
> to see it come to fruition. We have a
> number of stories already completed, but I have run out of
> ideas for  
> motivating people to finish up where
> that's needed. We're currently three months out
> from the qep'a', so  
> perhaps some of you will jump in, and
> use this as an excuse/means to revitalize not only this
> project but  
> also the discussion here on the list.
> 3) The Merchant Page
> Thanks to the efforts of Alan Anderson, a limited form of
> the  
> Merchant Page has been up for months. It's
> my hope that it will expand to include more of its former
> glory  
> (especially as I have a basement full of back
> issues of HolQeD), but as with most things at the KLI that
> remains a  
> function of the time the relevant
> volunteers have to devote to the tasks.
> 4) HolQeD
> A decision was made at a qep'a' several years ago
> to cease publishing  
> HolQeD. The ability to put out a
> quality quarterly was in doubt, and I did not want to
> reduce this  
> proud journal to a "newsletter." At that same
> time, several people stepped forward with the idea of
> maintaining an  
> actual newsletter instead, but that
> never seems to have gotten off the ground.
> 5) jatmey
> I would very much like to see a revival of jatmey. However,
> the  
> amount of original poetry and/or fiction being
> generated in Klingon is at a low, at least as far as I am
> aware.
> However, I am feeling inspired, and I am at work on a
> "secret  
> project" which I hope to reveal here on the list at
> least a mont (possibly two) prior to the qep'a'. It
> will be in the  
> tradition of jatmey, but also somewhat grander
> and more ambitious by far. You might ask, "why attempt
> something new  
> and bigger, when we haven't been
> able to do the old and familiar?" and I think
> that's a fair question.  
> The answer can be found in the song, "'Iv
> maH,"
> and I think that's as sufficient an answer as needs be
> provided. If  
> I've tickled your curiosity, keep reading this list
> and wait for the announcement.
> 6) Other challenges
> I was recently approached by a fiction publisher with a
> question  
> about Twitter and Klingon. My answer is going
> to involve a new activity for the qep'a'. I cannot
> reveal more at  
> this time, but I think it will challenge all the
> attendees and make for some interesting fun.
> 7) Maintaining the Community
> We all are familiar with the proverb, "mataHmeH
> maSachnIS," and  
> indeed, I've used that as the theme for many
> an editorial in the years of HolQeD. It remains true today.
> When we  
> began, there was no twitter, no facebook, no
> world wide web at all. In less than 20 years, the
> technological world  
> has exploded around us, and for much of
> that time, we expanded with it. This list is one such
> example. The  
> KLI's MUSH is another. I'd like to see us go
> further. I'd like to begin exploring the possibility of
> developing a  
> Klingon speaking community in a place such
> as Second Life.
> On a related note, this would have the added possibility of
> allowing  
> more people to participate (albeit virtually)
> in some or all of the qep'a'. I suspect we have the
> hardware to make  
> this happen. I know we have the skill sets
> and brain power. I challenge those of you with expertise
> and  
> experience in this area to begin a discussion
> thread here on the list, and prepare to bring this about.
> That's enough for now. I'm curious to see what (if
> any) this post  
> generates. That alone will tell me quite a bit
> about the health (or not) of this organization, and the
> desires,  
> motivations, and interests of its membership.
> taHjaj wo',
> Lawrence M. Schoen, Ph.D.
> Author / Publisher / Psychologist / Klingonist


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