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Re: Apology and continued search

Steven Boozer (

SuStel wrote:
>Doq wrote:
> > On Dec 21, 2007, at 10:19 AM, David Trimboli wrote:
> >> Note that I am NOT against the idea of "where" being included in
> >> the meanings of the Klingon relative clause. I just don't think
> >> this paragraph does as much to support the notion as ghunchu'wI'
> >> claims. The argument is, I think, too great a leap to make without
> >> stronger confirmation from Okrand (either through explanation or
> >> clear example).
> >
> > That's where I'm half-way between you and ghunchu'wI'. I think it
> > DOES suggest that there is a way to translate "the restaurant where
> > we ate", but he doesn't bother telling us how and has not give us any
> >  useful tools to figure it out.
>I mostly agree with you here. Okrand never says you CAN'T translate such
>a phrase, but he never comes out and says you CAN, or how you would if
>you could.
>I don't claim to see any rule AGAINST the idea that relative clauses can
>include English "where" clauses. I just don't see enough evidence to
>support the idea; all we have is a couple of vague ideas thrown at us.
>Those ideas certainly do not lead to any clear notion of how it would be
>done, if it is doable at all.

I admit that I haven't been following this and all the other related 
threads in detail, but what about:

   veng vIDabbogh 'oH CHICAGO'e'.
   Chicago is the city where I live/dwell.
   Chicago is the city in which (wherein) I dwell/reside.
   ("Chicago is the city that I inhabit.")

   yuQ wIghoStaHbogh 'oH Qo'noS'e'.
   Kronos is the planet where we are headed.
   Kronos is the planet we are going to.
   ("Kronos is the planet that we are approaching".)

Of course, this only works with verbs with a "built in" locative sense -- 
like {Dab} "reside in/at, dwell in/at, inhabit" or {ghoS} "follow a course, 
proceed, come toward, approach" off the top of my head.  Can anyone think 
of other such verbs?

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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