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A Klingon Christmas Carol - the performance

Joel Anderson ( [KLI Member]

(I'm reposting - I put this up last night, but it didn't reach the list)

I've just returned from seeing Commedia Beauregard's production of their  
Dicken's Christmas Carol, recast as the story of SQuja' - who is helped 
by Kahless Past, Kahless Present and Kahless Yet-to-Come  to become a 
true warrior.

They really did an artful job of retelling the story of Scrooge in a 
Klingon setting and did a remarkable job with actors who  were very 
authoritative in their use of tlhIngan Hol (all Klingon characters only 
spoke Klingon).  They really acted as tlhInganpu' and made you believe 
they understood the dialog.  The supertitling was on a screen (nicely 
styled in LCARS format) and the Vulcan narrator who spoke Federation 
Standard ensured that the audience kept up.

The translators made good use of the existing canon - I noted a lot of 
good use of proverbs and aphorisms from the Klingon Way.  I liked how 
the Sguja' boy/young man/and adult actors all had similar hair and 
identical forehead ridges.  Another nice  touch was the fact that 
Kahless Past was a TOS-style Klingon.

Really, the only disapointment was the fact that it was limited to this 
one performance.

(Note: I did provide a handout promoting the KLI, using information from to assist anyone interested in learning more of and about 
tlhIngan Hol and the activitys of the KLI).

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