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Re: A Klingon Christmas Carol - the performance

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

DawI' vIHoy' 'ej wanI' DaDelta'mo' jIbel. majQa'.

- Qov

At 07:26 AM 12/9/2007, you wrote:
>(I'm reposting - I put this up last night, but it didn't reach the list)
>I've just returned from seeing Commedia Beauregard's production of their
>Dicken's Christmas Carol, recast as the story of SQuja' - who is helped
>by Kahless Past, Kahless Present and Kahless Yet-to-Come  to become a
>true warrior.
>They really did an artful job of retelling the story of Scrooge in a
>Klingon setting and did a remarkable job with actors who  were very
>authoritative in their use of tlhIngan Hol (all Klingon characters only
>spoke Klingon).  They really acted as tlhInganpu' and made you believe
>they understood the dialog.  The supertitling was on a screen (nicely
>styled in LCARS format) and the Vulcan narrator who spoke Federation
>Standard ensured that the audience kept up.
>The translators made good use of the existing canon - I noted a lot of
>good use of proverbs and aphorisms from the Klingon Way.  I liked how
>the Sguja' boy/young man/and adult actors all had similar hair and
>identical forehead ridges.  Another nice  touch was the fact that
>Kahless Past was a TOS-style Klingon.
>Really, the only disapointment was the fact that it was limited to this
>one performance.
>(Note: I did provide a handout promoting the KLI, using information from
> to assist anyone interested in learning more of and about
>tlhIngan Hol and the activitys of the KLI).
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