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Klingon WOTD: ra'wI' (verb)

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This is the Klingon Word Of The Day for Sunday, December 9, 2007.

Category: People

Klingon word:   ra'wI'
Part of Speech: verb 
Definition:     commander 
Source: TKD (105 KE, 125 EK) 
Swedish: befälhavare (person som ger order)

Additional Notes:
KGT p. 52: There is, in addition, a frequently misunderstood word {ra'wI'}, which is correctly, though misleadingly, translated as "commander," as is {la'}.  The confusion comes about because {ra'wI'} literally means "one who commands," from the verb {ra'} ("command, order") plus the suffix {-wI'} ("one who does [something]").  Thus, a {ra'wI'} is, literally, someone who gives an order.  The word is generally used to refer to any officer of the rank of {Sogh} or higher.  It may be used as either a description ({ra'wI' ghaH qImlaq'e}' ["K'mlak is a commander"]) or title ({qImlaq ra'wI'} ["Commander K'mlak"]), though in all cases it is understood as not reflecting the precise rank of the individual.  Except for formal occasions, it is safe to use the title {ra'wI'}.  In fact, if one is not sure of an officer's rank, it is probably the safest route to take.

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