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RE: Dajatlhbogh

> > >{lugh Dajatlhbogh}
> > >"what you say is correct"
> > ... isn't it a list convention not to use naked -bogh verbs?
> >
> > {lugh Doch Dajatlhbogh}
> > "the thing which you say is correct"
>'oy'!  If you have to add a word, I think we can do better than the much
>used "thing".

Well, that's a matter of style, of course, and there are many ways you could 
get the same point across:

qech DaQumbogh
ghu' DaDelbogh


(Although I'm not sure {Qum} can be used transitively; do we have any canon 
for that?)

>DloraH, BG


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