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Re: Do'meHghach

> I haven't seen a response to this, probably because it is well beyond the
> normal functions of the KLBC header it was posted under.  Therefore, I
> hope the BG forgives me for stepping in.

I was going to do this one when I got home tonight.
But I'll just add something to this...

> > SaHbeghach San chIchHa'
> I'm not sure why you tried to use a /-ghach/'d verb here.  I also think
> you meant /chIm/, not /chIch/.  For "Inhuman and empty fate," I might try
> /SaHbe'bogh San 'ej chImbogh/ "Uncaring and empty fate."

His literal translation said "purposeless fate" so I think he was trying 
for "unintentionally", but chIch is an adverbial and can not be used as an 

A room can be chIm, but can fate?

Also notice that SuStel added the "and" that is in the original.

DloraH, BG

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