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KLBC: Do'meHghach

I got the idea to translate O Fortuna from Carmina Burana, so I did.

tlhIngan Hol
dotlh choHtaH, maS rur
reH tInchoHtaH ghap machchoHtaH
yIn qabbej
DaH HubtaH
vaj yab jej DaSujchoHmeH qujmey lo'taH
chepHa'ghach woQ je tet, chuch rur

SaHbeghach San chIchHa'
jIrbogh jIrwI' saH
Doch moH
toD'a' lolaHbe'
reH ngablaH
'e'mo' leghchoHchu'be'
jIHvaD bochtaH
DaH qastaHvIS Quj, mIghlIjDaq tuQbe'bogh DubwIj'e' vIqeng

SuD qeS DaneH
'ej jIHHa' povtaHghach
'e' vInej 'ej jIluj
reH vIjoy'lu
qaStaHvIS repvam, mImbe'vIS
moqtaHbogh tIqwIj DaHot
batlh SanDaq Sachmo' povtaHghach
reH jImoqvIS moq povtaHghach

Literal translation
The cause of luck
changing status, like the moon
always increasing or decreasing
horrible life
now defending
then using games to disturb keen minds
unprosperity and power melt, like ice

purposeless fate which does not care
you wheel that turns
ugly thing
worthless salvation
always able to disappear
and because of it I am unable to see clearly
for me it shines
now while the game occurs, to your evil I carry my naked back

you want chance's advice
and I am not excellence
I seek it and fail
always someone torutres me
while this our occurs, while you dont delay
my beating heart you touch
honorably through fate excellence expands
always while I beat, it beats

Oh Fortune,
just as the Moon
changing state,
always waxing
or waning;
horrible life
now holding out
and then troubling
the keen minds with games,
melt like ice.

Inhuman and
empty fate,
you rolling wheel,
ugly state,
worthless salvation
always dissoluble,
and veiling
also shining to me;
now through the game
my naked back
I carry to your wickedness.

You call upon a casting of lots
and excellence
now opposite to me
I strive after it
and fail
always in torment
In this hour
without delay
you touch my beating heart;
because it spreads
bravely through destiny,
always beating with me!


   //     \\
\____              \
//  /            ___\
//  /    _________|
||  |    | || ||
||   \___/ || ||
\\         || ||
\\        || ||
   \_______  _  _____|
	   || ||
	   || ||
	   || ||
1.380 6503 x 10-23 ± 0.000 0024 x 10-23 J/K
Think about it.

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