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Re: Aw: Re: lugh

>>the former is more objective, the latter more subjective.
>I'm no expert on German (I took a course in college, but that's all), but I 
>don't think this is correct.
>'ist richtig' means that the subject itself is right (in quality or 
>'hat recht' means that the subject's position on an issue is correct.
>Either one could be subjective or objective.

As I reread this, it sounds presumptuous, someone who has taken a single 
course in German lecturing a native speaker, but as those concepts were 
explained in my course, and according to modern American English usage of 
subjective and objective, the dichotomy you set up doesn't hold.  Even in 
the examples Quvar gave, both the 'ist richtig' and the 'hat recht' versions 
are objectively true.

Maybe we're both saying the same thing in a different way.

Anyway, this is no longer about Klingon, so if anyone has anything else to 
say to me about it, please respond off-list.

qamaw 'e' vIHechbe'.  "German" Hol laH'e', SoH po' law', jIH po' puS net 
Sovba'. chaq qayajchu'be'.

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