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Re: Aw: Re: lugh

>Quvar explained:
> > 1 + 1 = 2 (lughbej 'oH)
> >   The answer is *right*
> >   Die Antwort ist *richtig*
> >
> > 3 + 7 = 98 (lughbe'bej 'oH. muj'a'?)
> >   The answer is *wrong*
> >   Die Antwort ist *falsch*
> >   Die Antwort ist *nicht richtig*
> >
>this is roughly a true<->false oppsition, whereas...
> > Someone says: "1 + 1 = 2" (lughbej ghaH)
> > Someone else answers: You are *right*
> > Someone else answers: Du hast *recht*
> >
> > Someone says: "3 + 7 = 98" (lughbe'bej ghaH. muj'a'?)
> > Someone else answers: You are *wrong*
> > Someone else answers: Du hast *unrecht*
> > Someone else answers: Du hast *nicht recht*
> >
>this is more of an agree<->disagree opposition;
>the former is more objective, the latter more subjective.

I'm no expert on German (I took a course in college, but that's all), but I 
don't think this is correct.

'ist richtig' means that the subject itself is right (in quality or 
'hat recht' means that the subject's position on an issue is correct.

Either one could be subjective or objective.

I've been using {lugh} for both of these meanings.  You can do that in 
English and in Finnish:

The answer is right.
You are right.

Vastaus on oikea.
Sinä olet oikea.

I not sure whether in French you can say:
La réponse a raison.
It sounds strange to me.  I prefer:
La réponse est correcte.

I'm pretty sure Klingon doesn't have expressions like 'a raison'/'hat 
recht', on the pattern of 'have heat', 'have cold', 'have hunger' in some 
languages (versus 'be hot', 'be cold', 'be hungry' in English), since the 
expressions for those three concepts involve single stative verbs in 

So if there is a difference like the German 'ist richtig'/'hat recht', it's 
certainly that there is a stative verb for each concept.  However, since MO 
has not provided us with two separate verbs for this, I think we're safe in 
using {lugh} for both concepts.

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