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Re: New

> I'm also new, although I have been on the list for a while watching

Welcome.  Because you've been watching for a while, you should know who I am, 
and know about the whole BG thing.

> I've found that the bit that i did learn, i have forgotten 

Language is a skill that needs to be used.

> and now don't even have a place to start relearning what i have forgotten.

There's always a place to start.  If necessary, you just start at the 
beginning.  If some of the information does come back, those first few steps 
will pass easily.

What language resources do you already have?

The best way to learn is to join in; try writing some sentences.  Don't be 
discouraged by errors.  You will see that even us grammarians still make 

DloraH, BG

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