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Re: New

>Hi.  I'm also new, although I have been on the list for a while watching
>i've not made myself heard till now.  I started learning tIhIngan 2 years
>ago, then got so caught up in school that i didn't have chance to teach
>myself.  Now that i've graduated, i'd like to start studying it again, but
>I've found that the bit that i did learn, i have forgotten and now don't
>even have a place to start relearning what i have forgotten.

We were all at one time where you are now, Gina.  Welcome to our group!  Go 
right ahead and post, try some simple sentence in Klingon.  I'll let DloraH 
do his KLBC introduction, but in the meantime:

yIruch! yIjeS!


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