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Re: wanI' tlhaQ cha'

> Soj vIje', ghIq jIje''egh. ;-)

tlhaQ.  maj.

> janglu': parmaqqaylI' ghaH!

The person at the door answered "She is your parmaqqay!"?
Or did you intend "I am ..."?

Hmm, in english one would answer "It's your parmaqqay!", third-person; and 
being a person one should swap in a sentient pronoun, and keeping it third-
person would go with /ghaH/.  Hmm.  I see how you got your sentence.

> jIDumtaHvIS jInajpu' jay'. :-)

-pu' sounds like during the timeframe of napping, you had already dreamed.
For the dream to take place during the nap, I would leave off the -pu'.

DloraH, BG

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