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Re: wanI' tlhaQ wa'

> jIQub Quj vIDIlnISbe'chugh, vaj jIQujrup. 

This is apparently a run-on sentence.  You either need a . after Qub, or move 
Qub to the other end and say /... 'e' vIQub/.

> vaj loDvaD jIjatlh <naDev vay' vISuqlaH'a'?>
> jang loD: chaq. mI' DaneHbogh yIngu' 'ej gho yIjIrmoH.

This sounds like a direct quote, but you didn't put it in < > like you did with 
your quote.
For the newbies that might be watching, /jang/ is not a verb of speech, you 
would still need to use /jatlh/.
jang loD, jatlh <chaq...>

/jIr/ does work; we also have /DIng/ "spin".

>  - 'ej mI'wIj cha'!  vaj jIQap.

ghIq bIvem 'ej lojmItlIjDaq loS parmaqqaylI'  :P

DloraH, BG

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