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Re: qepHommaj

At 06:28 02-09-11 -0400, lab Quvar:
>Am 11.09.2002 02:45:06, schrieb Qov <>:
> >DaHjaj ram qepHom wItIvqu'.  mI'mey DIqelmeH <bIngo'>
> >wIQuj.  Qapbejqu'.  qep'a'vaD vIchup.
>chaq qepHomwIjDaq 'oH wIQuj je. qech QaQ 'oH Qujvam'e'

maj.  tachDaq mI' navmey vISuq.

> >mI'mey DIwIvmeH, cha' *dice* wIlo'(*).  Hoch *die*Daq wa'maH Dop tu'lu',
>*dice*vam vISamnISlaw'. vIje'meH Daq vISov.
> >*dice* jIrmoH wIvwI', 'ej mevDI' jatlh mI'.
>'Iv ghaH wIvwI''e'?

Hoch.  mI' lI' wIvDI' wa' nuv, wIvchoH latlh nuv.

> >By the end of the second game we were rolling the dice in a box so only the
> >caller could see them, and no longer had the cheat sheet for numbers
> >visible, but no one had any trouble calling or understanding the
>Hm? vIyajbe'. nuqDaq 'oHtaH ngormeH nav'e'?

I wrote out the digits one to ten with a big black felt pen, and wrote the 
Klingon word next to each.
I also wrote down "____ bIngDaq: _____"  and other words and phrases I 
expected to be commonly used during the night.  People learn better if they 
see something, hear it, AND do it.

> >numbers: while in English I would say
> >688-7749 as 6,887,749 -- six million, eight hundred eighty-seven thousand,
> >seven hundred forty-nine,
>You do?
>In Germany people usually say it number by number {jav, chorgh, chorgh, 
>In France, and Belgium, they say it by groups of two, because the 
>telephone numbers are *always* six
>digits (not in Germany) 68.87.74.={javmaH chorgh, chorghmaH Soch, SochmaH 
>(I should mention that of course there is also an area code before it.)

A telephone number is usually recited digit by digit, occasionally in 
groups if the person thinks the groups are easier to say or remember.  We 
were saying the numbers that way merely as practice in saying large 
numbers.  Everyone had mastered the digits by then.

>I can repeat what Qov says:
>If you're in the SaarLorLux area, PLEASE come out to the qepHom.  It does 
>not matter if you can speak NO
>Klingon right now.  Pretty much everything gets translated, we have lots 
>of fun, but I cannot guarantee I
>can get Oreos here :-). On the last qepHom, many people spoke not a word 
>when they started but could
>pretty well order a beer in Klingon (Because otherwise I wouldn't give it 
>to them :-))

My husband tried to snag an Oreo and we all told him that he had to speak 
Klingon to get it.  He earned his by declaring <ghobe', SuD!>

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