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Re: HeghmeH QaQbogh jaj yIngu'

>> muSIvmoHbej vuDvam.
>mumISqu'moH.  <-'egh> <-moH> je poQ wotvam, vay' ra'meH 'oH lo'chugh.
>qaqlaw' <yIjot'eghmoHtaH> "Remain calm!"

I thought, if you "cause yourself to be sth", then you are not "sth" before. But if you are already "xy", 
the command is just "be continuously xy" {yI*xy*taH}, or "keep being xy"...

That's what I was thinking while writing the email. Now that I read it, it does look not correct, since KGT 
definitely says what you said, "Generally, when a verb describing a state of being is used in the 
imperative form, the suffixes -'egh and -moH are used as well" (p.117)


Then please explain 
1  page 20 {yIjotchoH} "Calm down!"
2  page 189 {yI'Il} "Be sincere!"
3  page 190 {yIbaQ} "Be just picked!"


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