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Re: HeghmeH QaQbogh jaj yIngu'

lab Bartholomew Barker:

: [...] yIyep! yIqar!

ja' SuStel:

:Hee hee!  bIjatlhnISbej <yIyep'eghmoH!  yIqar'eghmoH!>

lab je SuStel:

:when verbs of quality are used imperatively, they normally
:use /-'egh/ and /-moH/.  They only lack these in the idiom
:/yItaD/ "Freeze!" which means "Stop moving!"  (Perhaps there
:are other idioms or situations in which you'd leave off the
:/-'egh/ and the /-moH/, and no doubt someone will point out
:some line by Okrand in which this was done, but KGT makes it
:pretty explicit that when verbs of quality are used
:imperatively and non-idiomatically, they are also
:reflexive and causative.)

jInmolmo' vIta'lI''bogh, jIHvaD potlhqu' pab chutvam.
bommey tIQ vImughlI'. tera' chan HopDaq bommeyvam luqonlu'.
vImughlI'vIS, DIvI' Hol tlhIngan Hol je vIlo'.

DIvI' Hol vIlo'taHvIS wa' bom vImughta':
     In your words, be truthful.
     In governing, be just.
     In your labors, be skilled.
     In action, choose your timing well.

'ej tlhIngan Hol vIlo'taHvIS jIghItlhta':

     bIjatlhtaHvIS, yIvIt.
     bIqumtaHvIS, yImay.
     bIvumtaHvIS yIpo'.
     bIvangmeH poH pup yIwIv.

ghIq KGT:117-mo' 'op wotmey vIchoHta'. jIghItlh:

     bIjatlhtaHvIS, yIvIt.
     bIqumtaHvIS, yImay'eghmoH.
     bIvumtaHvIS yIpo'eghmoH.
     bIvangmeH poH pup yIwIv.

'ach chaq nIv chovnatlh (8tlh/C) rurchuqmo' wotmey:

     bIjatlhtaHvIS, bIvItnIS.
     bIqumtaHvIS, bImaynIS.
     bIvumtaHvIS bIpo'nIS.
     bIvangmeH poH pup bIwIvnIS.

ja' Quvar:

: [...] on PK (opening scene), the terran says {yIjotchoH}
: "become calm".
: Although there is a little difference, it's very close.
: "Be calm!", i.e. "Calm down"
:   yIjotchoH "change to be calm"
:   yIjot'eghmoH "cause yourself to be calm"
: In both cases, the adressee has to change from "not calm" to "calm".
: If the person is calm already, these sentences are not the best.
: I suggest:
: "Be calm!", i.e. "Stay cool."
: yIjottaH "be continuously calm"

muSIvmoHbej vuDvam. latlh bom vImughmeH mu'tlheghmeyvam vIghItlh:

     Empty yourself to the utmost.
     Remain perfectly calm.


'ach chaq wotmeyvam vIchoHnIS. chaq nIv chovnatlh (16tlh/B):


nuq vuDraj, po'wI'pu'?


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