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Re: shorter case name.

ja'pu' tulwI':
> are there any shorter names for "describing another noun role"?
> "genitive" wouldn't be allowed, as this impies case.

ja' lay'tel SIvten:
>in hebrew, a similar grammatical structure is called the construct case:
>it's the case of a noun modifying another noun, and it's used like a

An article in _HolQeD_ some years ago, "Klingon and the Construct State,"
explored this idea (HolQeD 3:3/3:4, December/September 1994).  The
conclusion was that where Okrand uses the term "possessive" to describe the
noun-noun construction, "GENITIVE" better fits the examples of usage.  Note
that the article carefully avoids calling it GENITIVE *case*, and indeed
quotes a definition of the Construct State which includes the words "not
overtly case marked".

-- ghunchu'wI'

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