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Re: Klingon WOTD: qun (n)

>This is the Klingon Word Of The Day for Friday, August 30, 2002.
>Klingon word:   qun
>Part of Speech: noun
>Definition:     history

As used in canon:

   jemS tIy qIrq. loDHom jIHDI' qIrq qun vIqImchoH.
   James T. Kirk. I've followed his history since I was a boy. (MO's ST5 notes)

N.B. This line was "I've followed his *career* since I was a boy" in the 
script and novelizaton.

   qun qon charghwI'pu''e'
   History is written by the victors. TKW

Cf. also {lut} "story", {wIch} "myth", {lurDech} "tradition" and {quH} 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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