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Re: Klingon WOTD: QongDaq (n)

>This is the Klingon Word Of The Day for Tuesday, September 3, 2002.
>Klingon word:   QongDaq
>Part of Speech: noun
>Definition:     bed
>Additional Notes:
> >From CK, verified in TKW p.40.  Also in KGT.

As used in canon:

   letqu' QongDaq.
   The bed is very hard. CK

"Since Klingons are accommodating of foreigners, guest rooms in hotels do 
come equipped with a bed but that it's most often made of the same material 
as the floor." (CK)

   QongDaqDaq Qotbe' tlhInganpu'
   Klingons do not lie in bed. TKW

In response to a question on the much-discussed etymology of {QongDaq}, 
Okrand commented on startrek.klingon (June 1997) that:

   {QongDaq} "could be a normal compound noun"--but the important word
   there is "could": It could be a compound noun IF both {Qong} and {Daq}
   are nouns. We know that {Daq} "place" is a noun; we know that {Qong}
   is a verb ("sleep"); we don't know that {Qong} (presumably "sleep" or
   "sleeping") is a noun. Maybe it is--but until we see it as a noun in
   its own right (that is, in a place in a sentence where nouns occur and
   in a construction where it's not attached to {Daq}) will we know for
   sure. Until that time, it's a good hypothesis, but not a done deal...
   a word like {QongDaq} is evidence that at an earlier stage in the
   language, there may have been a noun {Qong} (meaning "sleep" or
   something similar). Or maybe there was a verb suffix {-Daq} meaning
   "place where one does X". On the other hand, you may have uncovered
   evidence that there is currently a noun {Qong}--it just hasn't been
   attested anywhere else yet, so we should keep our eyes peeled. But
   without further evidence, it's a guess.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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