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Re: shorter case name.

> > are there any shorter names for "describing another noun role"?
> > "genitive" wouldn't be allowed, as this impies case.
> in hebrew, a similar grammatical structure is called the construct case:
> it's the case of a noun modifying another noun, and it's used like a
> genitive.
> lay'tel SIvten

*Status constructus*: sof a-yam, the seashore; beyt a-kneset, synagogue
(lit. house of gathering); at that, the article gets attached to the
_defining_ word! ( lit. "shore of the sea", "house of the gathering"). Mark
the following cases when _no_ article is used: eretz Israel ("land of
Israel", here, we see a proper name), bat yam (a mermaid, lit. daughter of

The Klingon structure is more like its English counterpart: a door knob, The
Mitrokhin Archive etc. minus the article, or German (both English and German
are Germanic languages, after all): Waffenabteilung ("Weapons department"),

A question: what do I do with _realia_ when trying to render something in
Klingon (words like "Rum", "Vodka", "Rifle", "Cathouse" - meaning, pardon
me, "brothel", and the like)? I fansy looking at Brave Soldier Svejk...



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