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Re: KLBC - TKD 3.2.2

> >builder
> >chenwI' ??? I couldn't find a word for build, [...]

>{chen} means "build up, take form". So if you build something, you "cause" 
>it to "take form". When you get to the verb suffixes, you can read about 
>this suffix in section 4.2.4. "Type 4: Cause". This suffix is {-moH}. As a 
>funny coincidence, your question for {chen} is explained there:
>"Adding this suffix to a verb indicates that the subject is causing a 
>change of condition or causing a new condition to come into existence.
>     {tIjwI'ghom vIchenmoH} <I form a boarding party>
>                            ({tIjwI'ghom} <boarding party,>
>                            {chen} <take form, take shape>)"

In the KGT glossary - which Gina probably doesn't have yet - {chenmoHwI'} 
is listed as "creator, maker".  A "builder" is just a variant of this 
idea.  In the text (KGT p.79) we learn of a {Hew chenmoHwI'} "sculptor" 
(literally, a "statue maker") showing us that we can say things like *{nuH 
chenmoHwI'} "weaponeer, arms maker",  *{Duj chenmoHwI'} "shipwright", 
*{qa'vIn chenmoHwI'} "coffee-maker", etc.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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