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Re: Learning Project (hopefully)

> ...I thought what better way than to learn in the way I know.  Hands on. 

Another hands-on approach is to just start using it around the house.  We have 
words for household items.  Chair, bed, telephone, computer, table, floor, 
wall, and many more.  Grab a stack of post-it notes and label everything.  
Write down a list of household verbs.  Sit, stand, sleep, eat, cook, etc.  We 
even have several words in the kitchen area; and I'm not counting things like 
bloodpie, I mean stuff we actually have here on earth; various foods, utensils 
and cookware, and verbs to go with them like "deepfry" and "be salty".  Most of 
these sentence would be simple two word sentences.  When you sit down, say 
jIba'.  Slowly add more words.  quSvamDaq jIba'.  After you eagerly wait for a 
commercial break you can run down the hall saying, puch vIlo'nIS!  When you're 
ready for more, tell us about your day.  Nothing fancy... you wake up, get 
ready for work, what happens at work.  You program, right?  We have the word 
ghun.  Numbers... everybody, everywhere uses numbers.

The water's warm.  There are lifeguards on duty here.  And there is a shallow 
end.  Jump in, get wet.


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