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Re: puqbe'wI' (KLBC)

Am 26.11.2002 11:23:48, schrieb Viktor Horak <>:

>nunghbogh Hogh boghpu' puqbe'wI'
>Last week was born my daughter.
Yes, "the week which precedes": {nungbogh}

>tlhIngan nargh QeHDI' - 
>She looks like Klingon when she is angry - 
You've used {nargh} with the meaning "appear", like she has the appearance of a klingon. In the addendum {nargh} has 
also a meaning "to escape". 
When someone "looks like" else, then it "resembles" it: {rur}
   "when she is angry, she resembles a Klingon"

>bangwI' ghaH!
>she is my darling!
this is a good answer to the so loved question "how do I say I love you?"

>DaH vav Quch jIH
>I am a happy father now.

>ghIlghameS vIHevta' je 
>I also have the ghIlghameS 

>(mughwI' DloraH ghaH)
>(translator is DloraH).
TKD, section 6.3 "To Be":
<<If the subject is a noun, it follows the third-person pronoun (...) and takes the {-'e'} "topic" suffix. >>
{mughwI' ghaH DloraH'e'}

>DaH vIlaD vItIv
>Now I enjoy reading it.
DaH vIlaD 'e' vItIv.

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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